PBGVCA Pedigree Project

Search Instructions

We recommend not using small screen devices such as cell phones to search this database. Start by selecting Dogs or Kennels or Owners/Breeders or Health Data. To search for DOG, enter part of "registration" name in "For" text box [do not include apostrophe "s", e.g., whatever's search whatever] and make your selection from dropdown menu. Select "View Now" button and results will appear BELOW "For" box. To start another search, select the "New Search" link. For dogs with pictures, "SINGLE" click image to see larger view. This project is still a "work in process" and more data will be added over time. Please remember this information is for personal use ONLY and remains the sole property of PBGVCA. Question to: Veronica Scheer, webmaster@pbgv.org.