PBGV Breed Preservation Initiative

The PBGVCA and the PBGV Health & Rescue Foundation have launched a breed preservation initiative and we need your help.

PBGVs are a low registration breed, which means that fewer litters are being born each year. Other low registration breeds are beginning to recover but, so far, the PBGV is not. To counter the decline in PBGV numbers, the PBGVCA Health Committee has developed a breeder mentor program to help aspiring PBGV breeders produce healthy litters. But more help is needed.

We need to inform the general public about why we love this breed. As we know, the PBGV is a happy breed, good with children, and always a source of amusement around the house. The PBGV is a healthy breed, ready to run the fields after rabbits but also content to lounge on the sofa with family.

To draw people into our world, the Club plans to design brochures and videos that illustrate the PBGV's endearing qualities. Part of the plan is to hire a professional photographer to produce content for our marketing materials. Having professional photographs and videos is essential for our goal.

Recognizing that expanding the PBGV population is essential for breed health, the Foundation has partnered with the Club in this effort and has set up a Breed Preservation Fund. Every donation to the Foundation, earmarked for Breed Preservation, is a tax-deductible donation.

We are asking for donations from you, the PBGV community, to help with this effort. To date (March 2020), we have raised over $5,000, which includes $1,000 from PBGVCA, a $2,000 match, and many donations from Club members as well as non-members. These funds will allow us to create the first wave of breed preservation documents aimed at educating the community about our wonderful breed. You will hear from us again when additional breed preservation initiatives are launched.

So please click on the Donate button below and make a contribution to preserve the breed.

Or send a check made out to PBGV Health & Rescue Foundation to Jo Anne Hacker, 10832 NE Country Club Road, Bainbridge Island WA 98110. Write Breed Preservation in the memo line.

Thank you!