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December 15: for January issue
March 1: for April issue
June 1: for July issue
September 1: for October issue

Advertising Rates

Black & White Ads

arrowCenterfold BW: $200
arrowPreferred Position: Page 1, Page 2: $75
arrowFull Page: $55
arrowHalf Page: $35
arrowQuarter Page: $25
arrowBusiness Cards/Annually (four issues): $40
arrowBusiness Cards/Annually (four issues): $40

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Black & White Options

Color Ads

arrowCenterfold Color: $350
arrowOutside Back Cover: $250
arrowInside front or back cover: $200
arrowPage 1 or Page 2: $175
arrowFull Page: $150
arrowOne-half Page: $75

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Saber Tails Color Ads

Contract Rates

Book for One Year and SAVE MONEY! Rates are for four consecutive issues & must be paid in full. Contact Tiffany Cannon for details on Contract Rates,

arrowCenterfold COLOR/Four consecutive issues:$1,200
arrowBack Cover/COLOR/Four consecutive issues: $900
arrowInside Front or Back Cover/COLOR/Four consecutive issues: $700
arrowFull-Page/COLOR/Four consecutive issues: $600
arrowHalf-Page/COLOR/Four consecutive issues: $300
arrowCenterfold BW/Four consecutive issues: $700
arrowOne full page/BW/Four consecutive issues: $200
arrowOne-half page/BW/Four consecutive issues: $100

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Saber Tails CONTRACT Ads


Talk to Tiffany Cannon,