Coady Egan Chairperson,

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PBGVCA Photo Contest 2019 more info to come...

All members of the PBGVCA are invited to submit photos to our annual photo contest. Grand Prize winning photo with be published on the cover of Saber Tails.

More info to come...

RULES & REGULATIONS will change when new info is available.

  • There is an entry fee of $5 per photo, to be received by xxx. Payment can be done via PayPal when completing the online registration form. To pay by mail, please make a check out to PBGVCA and send it to the following:
    PBGVCA Treasurer, PO Box 26716, Phoenix AZ 85068
  • All photos should be submitted via E-Mail to . When submitting your photos, please identify each photo with the dog's name, and the name of the submitting member. If you are unable to submit your entry by email, please contact Coady Egan at
  • Photos must be at the highest resolution available (300 dpi). The Photo Contest Chairperson reserves the right to request a supplemental photo be sent in, if the original is not high enough resolution.
  • There is a limit of four entries per category per member
  • No official dog show photos will be accepted. These should be candid photos taken by the owners, or taken with permission by the owners.
  • Photos may not have been entered in the PBGV Photo Contest before.
  • Photographer must be a member of the PBGVCA
  • The main subject of the photo should be PBGVs- this is the PBGV Photo Contest, after all!
  • All photographic prints, if submitted by mail, will become the property of the PBGVCA and will not be returned, so please make sure you have your own copy!


Please complete online registration form and pay online via PayPal with major credit/debit cards or PayPal Account. You will need to login with your member email and chosen password.

Note: Once "Register" button is selected, please complete ALL information.


Then, send your photos separately via email attachment from your personal email account to with the dog's name and member's name. When these steps have been completed, photos will be stored until voting opens.


The Photo Contest Committee reserves the right to refuse any entries that they find not acceptable. E-mailed photos must be at least 300-dpi to print in Saber Tails.

By submitting a photo, the photographer grants non-exclusive rights to PBGVCA to use that photo in any medium, printed, electronic or other form.

Photographers will be credited when PBGVCA publishes or otherwise uses a submitted photo.


The membership will vote online through the Members Only Area where members will select their favorite photos, selecting two winners from each category to move onto final voting.

Please note that each member will only get one vote.

Photos will be uploaded to PBGVCA's Membership Area early August 2018 and separated into Albums based on the category entered. 2018 Online voting will end at the end of August 2018.

The overall winner will be published on the cover of Saber Tails, and category winners will be featured in the same issue of Saber Tails Photos will also be used in the 2019 calendar.


Coady Egan Chairperson,