2019 PBGVCA National-Regional Logo

2019 National & Regional

April 9-13, 2019

Lora Megli, 2019 Show Chair, lmegli@yahoo.com

Y.O. Ranch Hotel
2033 Sidney Baker
Kerrville, Texas 78028
Reservations Click Here

Rooms are $129.00 up to 4 persons. Suites $189.00 All occupants of the room will receive a free breakfast buffet daily. $75.00 non refundable pet deposit up to 4 dogs.

Show Committee




National Chair Lora Megli  
Asst National Chair Tiffany Cannon  
Obedience Teri King  
Agility Marcia McGuiniss  
Scent Work Megan Eshrick  
Hospitality Pam Howell  
Registration/Welcome Bags Bryan Helvey Cindy Wilt
Welcome Dinner    
Judges Hospitality Pam Howell  
Annual Banquet    
Grounds Mendy Marshall  
Trophies Tiffany Cannon  
Photographer Lambert Photography  
Video Sales Jo Quintenz  
Health Clinics Helen Inger  
Speakers Helen Inger  
Marked catalogs Andy Elledge  
Auction Janice Hayes Carol Qurantra
Top 20 design Bev Childs  
Logo Sales Coady Egan  
Photo Contest/Calendar Coady Egan  
Vendors Lora Megli  
Rabbit Hunt Rosalie Falcon  
Catalog Advertising Jo Quintenz  
Steward Marilyn Blythe  
Judge's Education Kitty Steidel  
Disciplinary Committee Board Members  
Trick Class Megan Eshrick  
Raffle Janice Hayes  
Treasurer Gloria Swaine  

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